Concerned for the safety of your fish against predators!

Well look no further the latest solution to protect your pond has arrived, no need for traditional ugly net coverings which take time and effort, this floating guard is not only a Heron deterrent but also discreet, easy to install, universal to any shaped pond and very easy to maintain.

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Heron-guard is an inter locking platform system which assembles in no time at all via simple clips allowing each section to move independently. Each segment has it’s own anchor point enabling the whole platform to be secured to each individual ponds requirements virtually stopping any water surface movement. Anchor points can be camouflaged using plants or aggregates whilst the whole system can easily be disassembled for cleaning or viewing purposes.


Heron-guard is injection moulded from black robust plastic giving it not only a long life span but also making it blend into a ponds own natural environment. This new unique solution allows the user to follow the ponds perimeter profile by simply turning the sections through 180 degrees. Sections can also be adapted to suit linear ponds making an aesthetically pleasing result. Protect your fish by installating a Heron-guard.

At last after years of putting up with inferior products, having installed Heron Guard on several customers’ ponds, I can finally say we have a Heron deterrent that actually works and works well.

4th May 2018

I have installed Heron Guard all-round the perimeter of my pond, they stay in place without anchoring and I haven’t lost a fish since they were installed. So far so good very impressive.

4th May 2018